Saturday, November 22, 2008

survey; answer these questions NOW !

1; what bad habits to do you carry?
2; what color do you find yourself wearing repetitively?
3; what annoys you about the opposite sex?
4; what annoys you about the same sex?
5; what can you not stand at this very moment?
6; what would you improve about yourself?
7; what do you do when you are pissed off?

just answer them; ...


dauche said...

1; how i am hard on myself; how i let what somethings people say get to me. (changing a bit; getting that fk it attitude).
2; blk
3; depends on the person; all do not carry wacc traits, however those who do... i can't stand those who are immature and do childish things. disrespectful, selfish, fast talking axxholes.
4; those who loose themselves when they get in a relationship. allow men to continue to manipulate them, knowing its flat out disrespectful & wrong. the "he beats me but i love him" type of female. lmfao
5; runners; lol [at the mouth] / drama.
6; time management.
7; get silent & chill by myself.

iM.R0Ni said...

1] unbelievably selfish! uggh almost 20yrs && cnt get out of "the world is mines" phase
2]Black. i used to love wearing color but black makes me feel pretty lol idk weird ikno. especially wen i have my eyeliner on and my lip liner blk jus works for me i say.
3]Guys are supposed to be the leaders in the relationship; i hate guys who cant express themselves or wat they really mean. speak up homie!
4]Talk to fuckn much and we complain about EVERYTHING!!
5]im sorry to say G.MA. uggh!! like she cries about everything for no reason. and jus complains jus to hear herself lol. idk. but right now shes making me wanna strangle myself...not so i die; i love myself way too much to kill myself...jus strangle myself until i pass out lol
6] i need improve my attitude. i have this "i got give a fck" attitude like my way or the highway. i nvr give others a chance =/
7] scream into my pillow, take or long walk, talk about to everyone who will listen, and smoke a blunt !