Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scooter Smiff; C.B.E. 1st artist

My first experience with Scooter Smiff was a few years ago when he was dancing with Tommy the Clown & his whole crew down here in San Diego for their House of Blues show. Its funny because he seemed so little. One thing that I will always remember is when the guys were trying to punk him & he started crying in the corner, I walk over to him & ask "what's the matter? what did they do to you?" he was crying his eyes out like "they messin with me", i was like "awwwwww" [when i really wanted to start laughing; simply because when you cry & talk it doesn't work out how you plan]. I asked him "which one do i have to ruff up?" then the guys came over & tried to cheer him up. After that I remember the show starting, & my eyes watching Scooter (no ped intended haha) ya boy has major skills, his footwork is nice, his pops, his kill off's... I was impressed. He got picked up by Chris Brown almost a year and a half ago (or something like that) & ever since then he's been doing great. His drive is tremendous; he's a hard worker & loves to talk his axx off. ha. Thinking about when I was growing up & how "lil bow wow" came about, damn it seems so long ago (in which it is). He's the next generation & i'm ready to see him grow.