Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta; reunion

All of the unnecessary childish drama reached it's peak last night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Never would I have thought that I'd even be following along this series of women. I felt as if instead of being a reunion, it should have been a counseling session because obviously these women have entirely to many issues. All are strong opinionated women who have expensive habits, in which I feel that all of them (except for Lisa) have not independently made their share. They flaunt their materials, write checks, and try to come up with "something" to make themselves look like they are being productive. It was obvious to me that Lisa was the only one to have common sense. She is a hard worker who didn't fall into that "housewife" stereotype. Plenty of people tuned into the Real Housewives of Atlanta because of the drama it developed every week; in which I can also say dragged me in quite a bit. Week after week it was he say her say.

On the reunion show last night the main topic in my eyes would have to be the Nene/Kim/Sheree conflict. Honestly I feel as if you do not get along with someone, just let it be. If you cannot trust someone leave them alone. I don't find it necessary to keep touching a "problem" if you do not plan on coming up with a solution. They should have left it as it is, Instead the subject kept being pushed until someone wanted to put hands on someone else. I was surprised at the extent some of them went to talk each other down. I sat on the couch and laughed at the ignorance that appeared on my television screen, knowing (just to get raitings) next season is going to be worse. But will I tune in? probably yes, to see the results of "friendships" and changes made to better oneself.

x There were questions asked on the show (from online) that I felt could have been disregarded. Many of the questions re-directed itself back to the conflicts between women. I do not feel that anything positive came out of this reunion (in which I didn't feel much would). Hopefully these women can move on from the drama and just "do them". Take some time out for themselves.

quick questions for viewers;
1; what do you think of the show overall?
2; do you believe any of these women have what it takes to maintain the lifestyle they live independently?
3; who did you like? & why?
4; what did you think of the reunion?
5; why do you think these women will continue to have bad blood? (its only obvious, just give me your exact thoughts)


iM.R0Ni said...

i nvr fckn watchd the show but i did see the reunion show now i wanna watch the show lmao!! i watchd the orange county one. so yea.