Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pole dancing in the olympics?

interesting to say; i am not surprised.

do you think that it will make the olympics in 2012?


iM.R0Ni said...

idk why but this post low-key pissd me off ! like if tht lady dnt get her ass off tv talk bout shes an athlete. wtf???!!! Athletes are competitive and im sure swinging around on a pole isnt competitive. ughh!! i mean i thought about the idea for some sexy exercises but damn its not tht serious to get into the olympics. i swear i will petition the shit outta of this if they seriously try to get this to the olympics.

dauche said...

yeah i pretty much look a this as a joke. i'm thinking to myself (the olympics? are you serious?) they've got issues. what's funny is that they probably wouldn't even compete. yes the pole dancing looks like a type of art, but shxt they have gone way over their heads with this olympic shxt. its funny & its cute, but i doubt america would want pole-athletics in the olympics. I wonder if they can even run a mile smh. gymnast would take this shxt over real quick so they'd have no chance, those are the real athletes.