Monday, November 3, 2008

My G1;

Love my Zebra print Background;

they offer all applications for free;

my favorite app is "HIP HOP OFFICIAL" by goTV. (what I was watching; Diz Gibran "Stereo" live.)

Ive had the phone since October 20th; & I was going to write a review; in fact I did but honestly I felt that there was really no need to post the entire thing. I Love the G1. Its a basic mix of an iphone and an LX; the only thing that I can say sucks is AIM (i used to be the type that loved to customize away(s)/available(s) in which you cannot do on the g1; nor can you see or display an icon. however im over it). In all the free apps are pretty great, I have several (imeem mobile, packman, droid recorder, price scanner, note pad, shopping list, ringdroid, shutter speed (for the camera duh), slide puzzle, snake (lame), the weather channel, translator, nightlife, and much more). Before downloading any apps you can check the comments that people left to see if the app actually functions and of what quality it is. Is the G1 better than the iphone? hmm i've been thinking... I mean I cannot compare they do what they both do best, but all I can say is that if you have an iphone (depending on what you use it for) you might consider keeping it. If you are the type of person I am, which is; someone who... Loves to send (multiple) pictures through email and text then the g1 is for you, the iphone does not have that ability. AIM keeps you signed on on the G1, the iphone does not (although im over it), Love setting the songs that you upload from itunes as your ringtones, the G1 has that ability (in other words,free ringtones).

thats pretty much what I am going to say; I mean I "sorta" miss my LX (NOT) lol. But if you want to upgrade get the G1; if not why don't you just get an iphone and unlock it and get service by tmobile? that works...oh yeah and also, jailbroken iphones are the just have to get someone who knows what they are doing? hit me up I have a connect....


p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

i hate it ! lmfaoo .
the way it slides up ,
i feel like its gonna BREAK ! hahhaa
your gonna miss your lx sooner than yu think hahhaha ,
you should of got a blackberry =]

Anonymous said...

i agree. they let me try the G1 for 30 days and if I didn't like it I could go back and return it. it's alright. but i love my bb too much.

dauche said...

lol; i had to get used to the sliding and keyboard myself but shxt i love it. i mean the lx aint got shxt on the g1 really. just aim. i still have my lx dont get me wrong lmfao; simply because the g1 does not have the ability to transfer numbers and im being lazy.

& yeah bb's are bomb. i know you guys saw the new joint {bb storm} BOMB.COM. lmfao. shxt if i end up trying the bb and like it i might just sell this g1; because theres always going to be better...but as far as what i had [the lx] im pretty much over so i had to upgrade. the g1 has way better features and abilities than the lx for sure though.