Sunday, November 23, 2008

blogging via-G1: on luch break @ wrk;

I work at mervyns (I'm pissed off by the way); & these damn customers are working the last nerves in my body. So as you may or may not know; mervyns is closing its doors (as old as it is). It seemes as if customers have grown more brutal & that is where I come in; giving that shxt right back in a polite yet strict mannor. It takes much to piss me off, I am very patient & polite so I do not grow fond of people who try to push my buttons or disrespect me. I am working an 8 hours shift today in which I find quite odd since they've been giving me the weak axx 4 hour shifts for the longest. I don't get too many rude customers but when I do I tend to set them straight. It is a pet peeve of mine when customers try to tell me (an associate who works at the store) what the price should be (after I've checked) , simply irritating to the fullest, there are no extra discounts ( I mean how much cheaper can it get?). If I've made a mistake I admit it & fix it; no problem. One of the nicest cashiers. It just seemes like people loose their brain when they enter my store. I'm on my lunch. (not hungry) & I have about 4 hours left. Usually let things go within 10 minutes; but I just had to vent. My mother also pushed my buttons, but I will let it all go. Continue to be the nice, patient person I am. No one can steal my joy. Regarless of negativity that comes my way. So with that said; wooo-saaww! :)
*looking for a new /better paying job; so if you hear of anyone hiring $10+ get at me (san diego area only) ha ha.


andrina said...

I can TOTALLY relate!
I work as a server in the industry [check my blog DEAREST BROKE ASS] & rude people irritate the hell out of me.
Unfortunately, im in ATL so I have no job hook ups...;)

Keep staying positive

dauche said...

thank you ! & yessss that is all I can do in this axxhole infested world. lol. I will def check that blog out :)