Monday, November 24, 2008

American Music Awards; 2008

Loved it
definitely set a standard for the next award shows; America in general is in the process of change
& I honestly believe that things will have more value to them (hopefully with no second guessing or doubts).
I was happy with all of the winners, and most of the performances. Didn't ask myself what they hell where people wearing, just awesome (ha ha).

These are the awards that I was mainly focused on; (sorry if they seem predominately a certain demographic that is so obvious I don't have to state it)
Chris Brown
WINNER - Artist of the Year
WINNER - Favorite Male Artist, Pop or Rock Music
WINNER - Favorite Male Artist, Soul / Rhythm & Blues Music
Mariah Carey
WINNER - Honorary Award
Alicia Keys - "As I Am"
WINNER - Favorite Album, Pop or Rock Music
WINNER - Favorite Album, Soul / Rhythm & Blues Music
WINNER - Favorite Female Artist, Pop or Rock Music
WINNER - Favorite Female Artist, Soul / Rhythm & Blues Music
Jordin Sparks
WINNER - Favorite Artist, Adult Contemporary Music
Kanye West
WINNER - Favorite Male Artist, Rap / Hip-Hop Music
Kanye West - "Graduation"
WINNER - Favorite Album, Rap / Hip-Hop Music

Neyo's performance was dope to me; he just needs to learn how to dance & sing at the same time. But what was so great is the simple fact that he knew when to take a breath & ad-lib when he was a bit tired. The dancers were killin, and the band was super bananas.

Beyonce's performance was pretty cool; I wasn't to fond of the angle of the camera (very weird of me). I felt as if since there were so many dancer from the last performances that the camera men got confused and didn't know how to center it to where it actually looked like something. I guess there is just not comparing to the actual "single ladies" video. The dancers were pretty nice and smooth, enjoyed listening to beyonce (because she can dance and sing at the same time), however when she did not singe the chorus while dancing (at the beginning) kind of made things feel a little unbalanced. Overall it was a great performance.

Rihanna's performance was laid back; I guess I never really pay attention when she sings at times, she gave a little more ad-lib other than what is on the actual song. She's a good performer, I mean I didn't expect her to go all disturbia during rehab, lmfao. I loved her set, the fire, the lights, dope!

Kanye west; pretty chill; nice. simple. liked it much.

Alicia keys; loved it. (very memorable)

Hannah Montana; liked it much.

Taylor Swift; nice

Cold play; enjoyed it

Mariah Carey; nice

I pretty much enjoyed all of them; in different ways.

I wont go on with this...lmfao im sleepy. goodnight.


iM.R0Ni said...

aww phuck ! i didnt kno the AMA;s came on tonite...damn o.well

dauche said...

lol; it will play again (i think) or will be available online.