Tuesday, October 7, 2008

some WARRIORS were born women...

I have got to be the 987364899'th person to re-post this; & yes it is FINALLY here; the WEEKEND WARRIORS 2008 fall/winter LOOK BOOK ! so pretty much I first caught a glimpse of the WKNDGIRLS [Bri&Desi] a few months ago; when I sent Bri a friends request on myspace [i loved her ink work on her arm which is dedicated to her hard working mother who helped mold the lives of her family through the ups and down and being successful at it; rip]. So i was accepted, then she left a comment directing me to their BLOGSPOT; so i hit it up & BAMMMM! all up in my face was "PUSSY PREVAILS", i couldn't help but laugh & agree. PUSSY CERTAINLY DOES PREVAIL [haha]. I read upon the line & was really feeling their message; "Some Warriors Were Born Women...", feminist in a deep sense. you can't KNOCK THEM, regardless if you are a women or a man. Making "MAN BASHING" a hobby of theirs, i simply got a kick out of it & didn't mind joining in with my thoughts of certain fellows that i've dealt with. This line represents STRENGTH, INDEPENDENCE, & simply that WARRIOR spirit. Its a MOVEMENT, for women across the world. & i honestly feel that they have hit the jackpot. Their style and swagg is of intelligence. they know what the people want and they know what we'd like to wear. something that has meaning. something that REPRESENT US; the ladies. that YES WE CAN attitude. I am a women that loves STREETWEAR & i have my own steez; you will definitely see me bring out my inner WARRIOR; I can't wait for the release. Big ups to Bri & Desi; do the damn thaaang; keep working hard & i shall keep showing my love and support.

-dauche bates

check them out; THE WEEKEND WARRIORS
their official myspace page; click here !


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