Sunday, October 12, 2008

had to Cop em; Thanks to the 50% off sale at Attic

On friday october 10th after the disappointing news of the SOLD OUT Santogold show [chin to the ground] I headed to Attic, a small boutique located in down town San Diego where I ran upon my boy chris p throwing shoes in a bin. Of course I asked him what the hell he was doing, so as he did price checks throwing shoes one by one, as well as placing some in order on the wall he hit me with the "shoe sale", so I was excited ! I ditched him to go check out some of the selections and realized that shoes had already been marked off, some shoes that were once $100 went down to $75, & a bee told me that saturday and sunday an extra 50% would be taken off the sales price if I sent a text to attic for the vip list. So I did so, went to Attic everyday this weekend, and saturday I picked up the two pairs below, however I bought them booth low.

I ran into Marco, Socal, and Jay {Big ups Fam} and they spit some knowledge about the CrooksNcastles x Vimby party and once again I am still kicking myself in the ass for not hitting hollywood that night [shaking my head for real]. Marco bought a pair of Nikes and New balances [in his words; "people be sleeping on em" haha] and his G-shock watch [nice choice].

overALL; I spent $62.50 for both pair.
and now ... I'm saving up... for more
muuuahahahahahahahh !