Sunday, September 21, 2008

my EFFiNG saturday;

-so ive been working on this event for a while now; & finally the day is here... where we shut down one of streets close to the busiest streets in southeast san diego [federal;shut down/euclid; busiest street]. if you do not know; i am a head of promotion for M.A.N.D.A.T.E. records & i pretty much write game plans and proposals for future projects/events, i work budgets & recruited a street team. i'd call myself a community worker simply because all of the events that we have thrown are FOR our community, for the people. enough BORING you with this talk... i have a few pics for you to see... [by the way the event was called "the san diego praise fest" ; church oriented; click the link to follow the website]

arrived at the desired location at 630am;
checked vendors in from 7am to 9am
stayed at the gate till about 10am
ran to mcdonalds to get a mcgriddle lmfao before 1030 [because breakfast is over then]
helped the information booth set up 1030-1100
& i pretty much did all sorts of random from 11-630pm
whether it was; putting up banners on all 3 entertainment stages, answering questions, picking up trash, working with the artist [checking them in; & making sure they were on schedule] watching cd's for the mandate artist, grabbing waters for the musicians/artist/performers, setting up the mics on stage, taking the banners down, picking up all trash & walkin far as hell to the dumpster to get rid of it...the night was crazy, i did not leave until about 9. so i was in the buildin for 14 hours; after that crazy day me & my sister crashed her friends wedding reception, it was fun as *h*; oh yeah my sis does A&R for mandate records, so weez a team. lmfao. enough hablando, enjoy the wacc pics.